VacaturesInternship: valorisation of downstream products

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Different types of water treatment produce different type of end products, like sludge. These end products in turn can be reused, for example in agriculture or energy production. Sludge also contains a lot of potential reuse materials like metals. Recovery of these materials and/or possible (re)use of the sludge can help reduce sludge treatment cost or make sludge into a valuable product. Because of the lack of effective sludge treatment options, most of the sludge is still incinerated or (even worse) landfilled. Proper treatment of sludge can prepare it for recovery or reuse options, decreasing the need for incineration or storage.


The goal of this internship or graduation assignment is an assessment on current and future sludge valorisation options. During this internship or graduation project you will investigate international disposal, reuse, and recovery possibilities in the sludge treatment chain. You will connect with different companies and assess technologies together with our multidisciplinary team.


Nijhuis Industries delivers ‘solid solutions in a fluid world’ as a response towards a greener economy. Nijhuis is aiming to turn cost centres into profit centres with solutions for sustainable water use and resource recovery. To accommodate the customer requirements, Nijhuis offers Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain (DBFMO) installations to meet today’s challenges, as well those of the future, across a wide range of industries and municipalities in today’s ‘fluid’ world. With more than 2400 references sites and activities in over 110 countries around the globe, it is our ambition to help customers and deliver solutions to:

  • Reduce the amount of (waste)water and effluent charges.
  • Reuse treated effluent or process water.
  • Recover water and resources from your waste and (waste)water.

Type of education: MSc Chemical, (Bio)Process or Environmental Engineering
Location: Nijhuis Water Technology, Doetinchem
Duration: 4 – 6 months
Start: February /September 2022


If you are interested in an internship at Nijhuis Water Technology, please send the following to your motivation, CV, the period and duration of your internship.

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