VacaturesInternship: Sustainable Solutions for Process Water Treatment & Reuse

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In industrial and commercial sites there are multiple water qualities and flows present to enable diverse processes. One example is the use of cooling water to dispose of large amounts of heat that is being generated in production processes and utilities. The cooling water is picking up heat in the condenser and is cooled in a cooling tower by evaporation through intense air-water contact. The water is recirculated as much as possible to maximize water savings and at the same time the water chemistry is changing.

Treating the water from cooling towers requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the entire process to avoid a water environment that leads to corrosion, scaling or biological activity.

Goal and activities

The goal of this internship or graduation project is to develop a calculation model (digital twin tool) for controlling and optimizing the water chemistry of the recirculation water. Actual data from cooling water will be used to verify the model. The candidate should have a background in water chemistry and interest in mathematical modelling. The developed model will be used in practise on daily basis on many existing installations and new process designs.\

Nijhuis Saur Industries delivers solid and adaptive solutions for sustainable water use, energy and resource recovery

We help industries, utilities and cities to reduce, reuse and recover to advance water and climate change adaption and help building a more resilient, sustainable and inclusive future. Nijhuis multidisciplinary teams develop, design and implement smart and game changing solutions based on Nijhuis proprietary and innovative technologies. We help our clients to meet their increasingly demanding sustainability requirements, lower their environmental footprint, combine productivity and energy efficiency, and reduce life cycle cost at the same time. With headquarters in the Netherlands, Nijhuis Saur Industries is active in all geographical regions around the world, serving over thousands of references from its Sales & Service Centres in Dubai, England, France, Poland, Russia, Singapore, USA & Latin America.

Education: Chemical, Process or Environmental Engineering
 BSc or MSc
 Nijhuis Saur Industries, Doetinchem, The Netherlands + working from home.
4 – 6 months
 April - May 2021

More information and application

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