VacaturesInternship: micropollutant removal by electro-oxidation processes

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One of the principal goals of the industries and water companies is to eliminate micropollutants such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides from water. Due to their low concentration and persistent character, it is challenging to find a cost-effective process to remove these substances.

In many industries the adsorption on activated carbon is used to eliminate the residual compounds. However, this technique allows only the separation of the pollutants from water. Furthermore, the adsorbent material requires a regeneration / treatment after a certain period of use. The most commonly used method for the regeneration of activated carbon is the thermal process. This method is expensive because of the energy that it requires, beside the fact that it is not performed in situ.

Electro- advanced oxidation processes (eAOPs) showed very promising efficiencies for the removal of micropollutants in water, due to the generation of powerful radicals in-situ. Nonetheless, the coste effectiveness of the eAOPs is negatively affected by the mass transport limitation during the treatment of low concentrations of the pollutants such as pharmaceuticals. Hence, the combination of the adsorption on activated carbon for the removal of the compounds from water and an electro regeneration of the adsorbent material in-situ is an interesting alternative to explore.  


The objective of this internship is to test and explore an electrochemical system for degradation of pharmaceuticals in water and the regeneration of activated carbon. During this period several lab experiments will be performed using different model compounds and water matrices (Pure water- real effluent / spiked water). Moreover, the effect of some experimental parameters on the process efficiency will be studied for optimization and up scaling purposes.  


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Type of education: MSc Chemical, Process or Environmental Engineering with familiarity on electrochemistry and fundamental chemistry.
Location: Nijhuis Water Technology, Doetinchem
Duration: 4 – 6 months
Start: February / September 2022


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