VacaturesInternship: LCA for physical, chemical, and biological wastewater treatment systems

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Net zero pollution by 2050 is one of the spearpoints of the European Green deal. Reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHG) are an important focus and will be for the coming years. To effectively address the issue, it is necessary to know where in a process optimization has the biggest impact.

If combining waste to treat it produces more GHG than separate treatments, the combined treatment is not sustainable. By assessing the treatment options and comparing the GHG effects, a sustainable option can be proposed.


The goal of this internship or graduation assignment is to make life cycle assessments (LCA) of different wastewater treatment methods. During this internship you will research life cycle assessment methods for processes and apply it to existing data. Additionally, you will look into the carbon footprint of the corresponding equipment. You will assess technologies together with our multidisciplinary team.


Nijhuis Industries delivers ‘solid solutions in a fluid world’ as a response towards a greener economy. Nijhuis is aiming to turn cost centres into profit centres with solutions for sustainable water use and resource recovery. To accommodate the customer requirements, Nijhuis offers Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Maintain (DBFMO) installations to meet today’s challenges, as well those of the future, across a wide range of industries and municipalities in today’s ‘fluid’ world. With more than 2400 references sites and activities in over 110 countries around the globe, it is our ambition to help customers and deliver solutions to:

  • Reduce the amount of (waste)water and effluent charges.
  • Reuse treated effluent or process water.
  • Recover water and resources from your waste and (waste)water.

Type of education: MSc Chemical, (Bio)Process or Environmental Engineering
Location: Nijhuis Water Technology, Doetinchem
Duration: 4 – 6 months
Start: February / September 2022


If you are interested in an internship at Nijhuis Water Technology, please send the following to your motivation, CV, the period and duration of your internship.

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