Calcium entrapment in the paper and pulp industry

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Industrial wastewater may have different compositions depending on the industry where it originated. Some components in these waste streams may bring problems in the downstream processes, or when water reuse orreclamation is envisaged. One example of these components is calcium. Calcium is a common ion found in pulp and paper or dairy wastewater. Scaling occurs after the reuse of this calcium rich treated water, or when tertiary treatment is applied on these effluents. Scaling occurs as the water is still saturated with calcium and carbonates.

Luuk Hebinck (intern R&D): ”I am working on the recovery of ammonium and carbonate ions from wastewater using electrodialysis to eventually produce the salt ammonium bicarbonate which can be used as fertilizer or nitrogen feedstock. I am proud of the fact that the results I obtained in the laboratory helped the project move forward and that my work has therefore been useful for Nijhuis.


This project is focused on the prevention of calcium scaling. The goal of this internship is to propose possible solutions to lower calcium from concentrations between 300 – 500 mg/L to 100 mg/L or lower. During this internship you will investigate the existing methods used to prevent calcium scaling either due to the reuse of the effluent of anaerobically or of aerobically treated wastewater. You will perform a technical and economical evaluation of these methods.


In general, motivation and curiosity is the only requirement. Working in NSI will give you the space to grow in a specific topic and find out how a big organization works with very different departments and disciplines for one final goal: To implement optimal Water technology solutions for different industries!


  • BSc or MSc Chemical, (Bio)Process or Environmental Engineering.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Flexibility and indepence.
  • Professional command of the English language in words and writing. Command of the Dutch language is desirable, but not required.
  • Minimum 4 months internship.


Are you a potential candidate and do you have any questions about this vacancy? Please send the following to Geo Smith (Sr. research engineer):

  • Your resume and motivation.
  • The period and duration of your internship.


Working for Nijhuis Saur Industries means working for a fast-growing international company with a clear mission. Over 250 water champions work in the Netherlands who enthusiastically dedicate themselves every day to #missionwater. Did you know that we have no less than 5000 project references worldwide, of which 55% inside and 45% outside of Europe? You don’t just choose a particular internship, you choose an employer where you can develop yourself and contribute to a better world. Every day is different, diverse, and comprehensive.


Our purpose is to be an advocate for water, ensuring that everyone – municipalities, industries, citizen, farmers, non-governmental organizations and civil society as a whole – gives water the value it deserves. Beyond our daily business of providing adequate supplies and responsible quality and treatment of water, we are committed to acting and to convincing others, so that together we can invest in saving water, and in inventing new models to preserve one the most precious resources on our planet. We call it #missionwater and we invite you to join the movement.

Luuk Hebinck (intern R&D): ”..besides the interesting and challenging projects Nijhuis offers, you gain experience in working for a company. In addition, you get a good idea of what different job functions there are within a company like Nijhuis which can help you orientate what you want after graduation.
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